We Know What We Are

Fifteen short stories set in Hull, 2017. Published by https://www.obliteratipress.com/books.html

Everything you could want from writing can be found in these pages. Here is ecstatic transport, deeply rewarding empathetic adventure, laughter that erupts from the guts and sorrow that shatters the heart. And, around it all, is the revelatory examination of one of Britain’s neglected but alluring cities that bears comparison with the work of David Simon or James Kelman. That’s how good, and vital, and endlessly fascinating this collection is.

Niall Griffiths

Author of ‘Grits’ and ‘Sheepshagger’

Soulful fiction that comes from the heart, written with imagination and style. Russ Litten is a special talent.

John King

Author of ‘The Football Factory’

Russ Litten is one of Yorkshire’s finest contemporary writers. His voice is loaded with slarter and salt, yet full of compassion and pathos. We do not pity his characters, but feel a sense of empathy towards them, their hard scratch existence is brought to life on the page. This collection reveals the underbelly of Hull, the flipside of City of Culture. It is an essential read for all who are curious about this wild, complex and vibrant city.

Adelle Stripe

Author of ‘Black Teeth And A Brilliant Smile’

You resent these stories because they remind you of it all. The fruitlessness of regular working life, its conditions, its traps. And the existence immediately below that. Despair. These are the final two tiers before the void.

Jason Williamson

Sleaford Mods

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