Deckie Learner




During lockdown, I got to grips with audio production and put together an album of music and spoken word under the name Deckie Learner. My initial intention was to not use my voice. I was only partially successful in this regard, but the other tunes featured a host of people I admire.

Here is the Youtube playlist featuring all of the tracks:




Cobby & Litten

Here’s the links to the albums and some reviews, interviews etc.


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Writing A Prison Sentence

Creative Writing in prisons.


Anyone doubting the power of words need only look to the prison sentences handed out in the wake of the nationwide riots of August 2011. Two teenagers posted up a call to insurrection on Facebook. Another young man urged his friends to violence and destruction via the BlackBerry Messenger system. None of them had smashed a window, or looted a shop, or set a property on fire, or struck a civilian or police officer; but for composing such words and pressing the send button in a moment of childish adrenaline fuelled madness, they all received a combined prison sentence of more than a decade. Sending out a tough message indeed. Continue reading