I Can See The Lights



A collection of prose poetry published by the wonderful Wild Pressed Books.

The prose poems in I Can See The Lights are earthy and raw, but also incredibly sensitive. More than one of them could bring you to tears.

Characters are vividly brought to life, and stark but warm environments evoked in a down to earth, yet almost painterly manner by Russ Litten’s uncompromising voice.

Tales of home, of un-belonging, of strife at sea – of a northern city’s beating heart, told in a mesmeric, stripped-down tone: this collection is a work of understated genius.

“Russ Litten climbs inside hard, Northern lives and finds the aching beauty hiding in the corners. He can see all the lights, even in the darkest places.”

– Vicky Foster

I Can See The Lights is a stream of consciousness sonic delight.  These poems echo in empty fairgrounds and white phone boxes and behind prison walls, they are scrawled on the underpass in white emulsion, four feet tall. Litten’s extraordinary tales of urban malaise are urgent, unfettered and unmasked.”

Toria Garbutt

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